Friday, 4 June 2010

Starry, Starry Shite?

It might be good, it might be bad, I don't know yet. But that isn't the point. The admission in Radio Times by Richard Curtis that he 'wasn't very dedicated' to the show and his decision to write a Doctor Who came about as a result of nagging from his kids strikes me as a little off - there are plenty of good writers who also happen to be fans who would leap at the chance without any nagging at all. And who, incidentally, would benefit far more from the professional exposure and BBC pay cheque that results. As for Mister Curtis carting his clan off to Musee d'Orsay to take a look at van Gogh's works and then return home to plaster their walls with facsimiles for inspiration, well, would that could we all, but sadly most of us have to glean what we can from the library or the internet. It's Doctor Who, Richard, and as excellent a show as it can be, get a grip. The BBC can be a little full of itself when it comes to the revived Doctor Who and so I end with a personal plea to Mr Moffat - don't let stunt scripting become your equivalent of John Nathan Turner's stunt casting from the old, bad, end days, otherwise TARDIS might very well end up in bits.

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  1. Ahh so true Mr W. I had, and still have, faith in Mr Moffat, but I worry he may have fallen prey to the gimmick writers too. Whilst Mr Curtis is very good in his own field, Dr Who is NOT his field. Perhaps the crack in the Dr Who story arc is representative of the writing team! That said, I hope that Moffat can pull it together and learn from the mistakes we have thus far witnessed.