Friday, 2 July 2010

The Bottom Lines

Apols for lack of recent posts but have been restricted by mobile broadband allowance running out and refused to pay 10p a meg thereafter. Have now upgraded from 3g to 15g a month (yes, I know, but I'm from oop north)and personal mobile WiFi (which I've yet to figure out how to get up and running - see previous brackets). To celebrate my renewed ability to talk toot, I present some special bonus content for Kali Hooper fans. T'is a little known fact that due to production errors, the final two lines of The Clockwork King of Orl were omitted from the published book, and tho these will be restored in any future printing, those of you who were good enough to buy the first missed out. So here they are:

"Nothing, now.
No stone unturned."

I thank you.