Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Is there ANYTHING I like?

A question posed with appropriate exasperation following a recent rant about the current state of TV skiffy. Thanks, Pat. And now I have an answer. I stopped watching Smallville about season 4 because I thought it had run out of steam but - thanks, Paul - today watched season 9's 'Absolute Justice'. It absolutely blew me away. Even made me cry. No spoilers if you haven't yet seen it but for those of us who remember dusty newsagents and comics stuffed into Thorpe and Porter racks, it'll have special meaning. Lovingly and reverently crafted by the writer and production team, it had far more resonance for me than Watchmen, because it refers to a Golden Age that actually existed. Please beg, borrow or steal a viewing of this 2-parter/conjoined TV movie - you'll love it.


  1. Yep, I thought you'd enjoy it, Mike, it was an awesome piece of television. The downside being that I may have to go back three or four seasons to find out what the hell I missed!

  2. Ta fer the suggestion - it was great! And I haven't bothered with Smallville in yrs!

  3. That's the thing - I gave up on it a couple of years back thinking it was getting stale. Now I feel I need to see what else I may have missed - that's a good three seasons of catching up to do.